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Meet Our Team

Below you will find some of the key players on the NHOA team. These team members have helped to shape the NHOA and will continue to do so for years to come.

Solomon Williams - Senior Contract Broker - Orlando, FL
Solomon Williams is responsible for overseeing negotiations with service providers. Solomon also provides support in the day-to-day operations and overall success of the NHOA. View Profile
  Tim Morgan - Real Estate Broker - Orlando, FL.
Tim Morgan is responsible for handling all real estate requests made by HOAs and homeowners across the NHOA network. Tim brings more than 10yrs of experience and can provide homeowners with a wealth of advise regarding home purchasing, ways to save, and resolutions to avoiding foreclosures.
  Rasheedah Tynes - Contracting Specialist - Orlando, FL.
Rasheedah has been our top contracting agent and has helped to secure contracts totaling  more than $12 million. Her involvement has lead to more than 400 small businesses finding long-term contracts with local HOAs, Community Associations, and long term projects submitted by homeowners.
Al Williams - Contract Broker - Charlotte, N.C.
Al has served as a contract broker since May 2010 and is now leading the Charlotte area in securing contracts. His involvement has helped the NHOA continue to spread across the Unites States.
Al also contributes his marketing background by assisting with brand marketing and other techniques to expand abroad.
  Ellen Paul - Marketing Specialist - Washington D.C.
Ellen is responsible for reaching out to contractors and associations within the areas we service. Ellen also operates Paul & Partners which has been a successful direct mailing company since 1970.
  Tom Opdyke - Press Release Writer - Atlanta, GA.
As a public relations pro, voice talent and veteran print and broadcast journalist Tom has helped to create news releases to gain the exposure the NHOA has needed

Tom brings more than two decades as an award-winning editor at major metropolitan newspapers.