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Homeowner Guidelines

The National Homeowners Association (NHOA) staff would like to thank you for participating in our lawn care program. We have a strong commitment to improving the appearance of your neighborhood while also providing you with low-cost quality services to assist with the upkeep of your property.

Below you will find details regarding our Homeowners Savings Program and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have questions after reading through the information below, please contact us so we may be of further assistance.

Thanks in advance,
-NHOA Staff

Service Start Date (Lawn Service)

Your exact start date of service will be sent to the email address you provided once this date is set by your lawn provider. You may also log into your account to see the scheduled start date for your service. In most cases the exact start date is sent one week before the scheduled week of service. If you have any questions, please contact your lawn service provider once one has been assigned to you.

Please be reminded to not service your property 5-7 days before the exact start of your service has been set. If your property does not need mowing when we arrive, we will skip your lawn until our next scheduled route to your community. Please continue to service your property otherwise to avoid being charged a one-time cleanup fee for severely overgrown lawns.

If you have registered for service without receiving a memo, you will be notified by email once your property has been assigned to a provider. You will then receive a second notification within 2-3 days from your provider letting you know the exact date of  when service will begin at your property. 

Day of Service (Lawn Care)

Our lawn care program works in the same fashion as it does for garbage pickup. We have set days for when we are in your community. These days will not change unless notified by your lawn provider or if special arrangements have already been made. For the most part, homeowners should not expect to alter the day of service as this is determined by your provider.

In the event of heavy rain or an emergency it is possible for your service to be delayed by 1-3 days depending on the severity of the storm or emergency. We will make every attempt to ensure you are serviced as quickly as possible.  

Payment for Services
Payments are automatically deducted after each service using our automated system provided by Chase and Paysimple. Before payment is deducted you will receive a confirmation email stating that service has been completed. If there were any issues with service please report this immediately to ensure no charges are deducted from the billing account we have on file. You may dispute any service before you are charged.

Paying Your Service Provider
Service providers will issue you an invoice upon the completion of service. You are not required to provide payment to the provider as billing is handled by our staff using the information we have on file for you. Note: Lawn Service Providers will submit invoices to you by email.
The NHOA is not held responsible for any negligence that could occur when you decide to provide your credit card information, checks, or cash to service providers. For your safety and to ensure proper protocol is followed, our service providers are required to submit invoices to the NHOA for processing.

Refunds and Disputes
Your satisfaction with the services we provide is #1. In the event that you and your service provider is unable to resolve a funding or service dispute, you will not be charged. In every situation, we will work to satisfy every customer but if everything fails we will provide a refund of the payment made. If payment has not yet been made we will make sure charges are not applied to your account. Diputes may be filed by logging into your account and should be submitted immediately following the email receipt that you receive from your service provider. We encourage homeowners to operate in good-faith as we continue to stand behind our policy.


Cancellations (Lawn Care)

The lawn service provided to homeowners may be canceled at any time by the homeowner.

Winter months: During the winter months we will move everyone to our bi-weekly maintenance schedule. This is the lowest frequency of service allowed. Your lawn provider will continue to make routine scheduled routes through your community providing lawn care services at your property. This is an excellent time of year to inquire about getting those extra services done at no cost since some lawns are not growing as fast. The NHOA does not allow homeowners to cancel services during the winter and restart again during the spring/summer. This is devastating to your lawn care provider. He will only cut your lawn as needed so please remember, there is no need to ever cancel your lawn service.

Tell your neighbors about the services we provide and invite them to sign up.
Customer Satisfaction
The services provided by the National Homeowners Association have always been a grade "A" and accredited by the Better Business Bureau up until 2012. After reports of scrutiny by ABC News, the United States Senator, Intuit, and our experience working with the Better Business Bureau, we have found that the BBB`s rating system is significantly flawed and uses a `pay for play` scheme to award/punish small businesses (see report). We now rely on you to provide recommendations regarding our services on Facebook, the Yellow Pages, and through word of mouth. We currently have more than 21,000 Facebook recommendations and a 5 star rating on the Yellow Pages as of June 2012.
Other services

We provide a wide range of services that are available to you. Simply log into your account to find the service provider assigned to you. If you do not see a service provider listed and would like for us to broker a service not listed on the site, please submit a help desk ticket.

Contacting the NHOA

There are several ways you can contact the NHOA. We strongly encourage everyone to first try contacting their service provider for issues related to service as they should be able to assist you. If that does not work, please use our helpdesk ticketing system as it is the second most efficient way to ensuring your problem is resolved and tracked appropriately from start to finish. Please allow up to 4-7 days for a response as sometimes we are extremely busy working HSP registrations.


Community Volunteer Program

The responsibility of a community volunteer is to ensure that the services of the NHOA are carried out appropriately within their community. Community volunteers also represent the NHOA at association meetings by advocating our services and ensuring that questions are appropriately answered or redirected. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in your community please contact us.

Community volunteers receive free weekly lawncare for their contribution to the NHOA. Community volunteers may serve in this role for as long as they like.