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Job Description

Job : Independent Contract Broker


Description : An Independent Contract Broker(ICB) is responsible for contract management at many different levels. This includes securing new contracts for large communities, working with property management companies, or simply working one-on-one with a consumer.
When working with Communities/HOAs
This level of involvement requires that contract brokers inform homeowners of the services being provided to their community via our memo. This is not a door-to-door sales position and does not require cold-calling. 

Lawn care contracts are our #1 service negotiated for communities.
When working with Consumers
This level of involvement helps brokers to build relationships with customers across the nation.  The work required at this level is very minimal as it is only takes 15-30 minutes to handle most requests. The goal is to inform local small businesses of a new bid submitted by your customer.

Required Skills:
- Ability to manage priorities effectively and in a timely manner
- Possess strong interpersonal skills
- Ability to communicate effectively within HOA meetings
- Extremely professional
- Internet-savvy with easy access
- Willing to distribute memos to homeowners door-to-door

The NHOA has more than 4,400 opportunities available to Contract Brokers nationwide.


How to become an Independent Broker
Hiring is currently closed until our next LIVE seminar. To become a broker you must register to attend our event in Orlando Florida or via live streaming. Our next event will be held on April 14th, 2012. There is no cost to attend this event.