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Consumer Alert: The Better Business Bureau is Under Scrutiny


After reports of scrutiny by ABC News, the United States Senator, Intuit, and our experience working with the Better Business Bureau, we have found that the BBB`s rating system is significantly flawed and uses a `pay for play` scheme to award/punish small businesses. (Please review the links above and the ABC 20/20 investigative report).
Our association was made aware of these findings when being downgraded from an A- after failure to renew our accreditation status (see below for NHOA facts). We were later told by other BBBs outside of our district that we could reinstate our grade through obtaining accreditation.
After careful consideration we have decided to opt out of renewing our accreditation status and pursue creating a new national rating system to replace the BBBs current rating system.  We will begin beta testing in early 2012 with a full rollout to consumers nationwide by October 2012.
Guidance to Homeowners: 

If you choose to use the Better Business Bureau to investigate a company or organization you should not make decisions based on the company`s  grade. Instead you should review the type of complaints made, the number of complaints closed, and the size of the organization to make a clear assessment.

Be sure to leverage other sources when choosing a business to provide services at your home. Such sources may include Angies List, Yelp, and Service Magic.

Inquire with the potential company you plan to hire about their grade and ask for references.
Ask a trusted neighbor about businesses they have used.

For any questions regarding the information above please send an email to
National Homeowners Association Facts:
  • More than 600,000 services have been provided to homeowners as of 12/4/2011.

  • More than 21,000 homeowners have recommended our services in the past year.

  • Less than 0.00006667% complaints filed to BBB - totaling 40 complaints to date. 

  • The NHOA negotiates services on behalf of homeowners. The NHOA IS NOT  a lawn service company.

  • The NHOA provides assistance with accepting and managing payments when needed according to the information provided by service providers.